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There are a few people on forums who said that my Dvd Anatomy of Roulette is a roulette scam. Therefore, they posted articles on forums, with subjects like Adrian Buzan free DVD. So, as a result of this fact, I want to clarify this issue.

My DVD Is Not Free On The Internet

So, the phrase Adrian Buzan free dvd is a false statement. Above all, you should understand that people who hates me are saying that Adrian Buzan is a roulette scammer.

They are calling me a scammer because they envy me.

But who are those people? Well, as I said before in my posts they are casino affiliates and casino managers.

My DVD Anatomy of Roulette has a big price, to be clear it costs 5.000 euros. In conclusion most of the people can’t afford to buy this. So, they say my strategies for winning at roulette are scam. Meanwhile, look at the testimonials of my students. You can see some of them here:

My students are telling me in every video that they are pleased with my secret to win at roulette and they are making money with this. You should read also Regele Ruletei Scam.

My Secret Is Not A Roulette Scam

As I and my students say you must follow all my instructions to win at roulette. So, you must listen to what I teach you and you must follow my advises accordingly.

In other words, if you want to beat roulette you don’t have to be greedy or to break the rules. I made the rules with certain goals. You must trust me.

That’s the only way to win.

On the other hand, I play with some of my students and we are sharing the earnings.

Some of my students bought them properties with the money they earned at roulette.

For example, one of my students withdrew 50.000 euros just from one casino. And not to mention that in one year he made about 200.000 euros from several casinos.

Check his testimoniance here: Amazing earnings on roulette.

So, all my students know that my methods are not a roulette scam.

I have 200 students in total by now and each of them are winning at roulette every single time. Look at this video and see how I made a lot of money from just one session in a casino:

In this video I show my face and my real money. You can see their seal.

I have a lot of such money. So, explain me how is it possible for someone to put myself in the same place with people who do not show themselves?

My Students Become My Friends

Yes, it’s true. And it would have not been possible if I was a roulette scam. So, how could someone report me to authorities when my students become my friends? Remember that when you buy something from me you have to be assisted by me. Then you become my friend. Most importantly, I will help you to understand how to beat roulette forever. To clarify, I couldn’t have been here if I was a scammer. If I was a roulette scam, somebody would have reported me to the police or would have hurt me. Let me tell you something important: If I and my students make money on roulette the casino managers are losing money. In conclusion, nobody hates me but casino managers. And they have a good reason: because they lose money and commissions when someone wins. roulette scam - moneySource:

I tried to suspend some videos on youtube where some talk about me as a roulette scam. Consequently, I reported those videos and Youtube replied to me that those users are casino managers and they try to protect their businesses.

So, it’s normal to do that my friends, because they are losing money.

Because of players like me they have big holes in their accounts, every day.

For instance, every time another new student of mine win 3.000 pounds in VIP sessions in a casino it’s a problem for casino managers. So why they are saying I’m a roulette scam? I tell you why:

Casino Affiliates Are Lying To You

Casino managers want people to be subjugated by society and financially broken. In addition, casino managers want you to be stupid.

You should read also Who is Adrian Buzan.

So, when somebody search how to make money, others come and say that you can’t win at roulette and Adrian Buzan is a roulette scam.

Well, for some faithless and negative people it’s hard to pay the price of 5000 euros for my secrets to beat roulette. Therefore, when somebody pays me 5000 euro he expects real results. Otherwise he gets angry.

So, I give to people the opportunity to make real money all their lives. However, casino managers don’t explain how I make money on roulette.

Casino Affiliates Earn Money From You

Why? Because if they convince you it’s impossible to win at roulette, they are making money when you lose. In short, if you lose your money, they make commissions from your losses. When we make money, they lose money and casino affiliates don’t receive commissions. That’s why they don’t like me because I teach you how to win at roulette. That’s why they are saying on the internet that Adrian Buzan is a roulette scam. Just ask yourself why am I here if I don’t make real money on roulette?
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Even casino managers know that I make money on roulette. But they don’t know how I do it. They just know I can beat roulette. So, when you become my student you must be assisted by me a little time. I have to assist you a few weeks, then you will make money by yourself your entire life. In the end, your problem will be how to withdraw money regularly so the casinos won’t ban you. But I’m teaching you how to withdraw money in order to avoid that. So. think about! The casino managers don’t know what to say about me anymore. They denigrate me, they are saying Adrian Buzan is a scammer. In conclusion, they hate me because I make money on roulette and they lose commissions. So, they are desperate.

I Don’t Ask You To Buy From Me

Casino managers want from me not to reveal the secret of roulette to people. That’s because the more people will know about the secret, more casino affiliates will lose their commissions. But I don’t need to convince you to buy my secret to defeat roulette.

In other words, I encourage you to learn by yourself how to win money on roulette. Meanwhile, trust me that roulette has been defeated for 13 years by me. So, if I can and my students can, so can you! You should check this video about SCAMS. That is to say, study the roulette, sacrifice yourself and you will find the secret because roulette can be defeated. When I studied roulette, I didn’t have an example that roulette can be beaten. But now you have me as an example. If you watch my sessions on my websites you can see that I win at roulette every time I play. Also, my students win at roulette continuously. In conclusion, don’t believe the losers and negative people who says it’s impossible to win. Just ask yourself why they don’t show their faces, why they put their names wrong and why they are hiding behind nicknames. To sum up, Adrian Buzan is not a roulette scam. Casino affiliates are calling me like that because they don’t have my secret to defeat roulette and they lose commissions. So, the outsiders can’t explain how I beat the roulette. They are shocked! So will you!
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