Adrian Buzan Scam (Regele Ruletei)

December 1, 2019 regrul
Some people on the internet are writing about me this: Adrian Buzan Scammer. They are saying Adrian Buzan is a fake, a fraud. But those people didn’t bought nothing from me. Therefore, envious people are hating me very much because they are casino managers. To clarify, they lose thousands of euro because my students are winning at roulette.

Look at This Money I Made from Roulette

For instance, i’ll show you here a video proof in 4K to see better this money. Is Adrian Buzan a scammer? Think about… Watch the video, read below and pay attention to what I tell you. So i want from you to look closely to this money. Do you think they are fake? Do you think Adrian Buzan is a scammer? How to forge this money? How to forge their seal? I make this kind of money every month. I made hundreds of thousands of pounds on roulette. Look at the video and tell me if you think these are fake money? Look.

Adrian Buzan is Not a Scam

Everybody who lives in England must know this is not fake money.
If you bring me this amount of fake money i will buy it! 
But counterfeiting money is punishable by law. 
In other words, you can't do that because it’s illegal.
How to walk around with fake money when I'm a millionaire! 
If the police catch me i will end in jail, am i stupid to do that? 
Now am i stupid, when i make millions? How to use fake money? I don't see the purpose. 
Because i make real money every month on casinos.
For those who are familiar with the pounds, look closer to these money.
So tell me if they are fake money.
Likewise, i win every month on roulette. Money in pounds, euros, dollars, Ron. 
Only last week i showed you half a million euros.

Is Really Adrian Buzan a Scammer?

Firstly, i have a lot of money won from casinos. I have them in my bank accounts. I respect the laws in my country. As a result i win good money from casinos and i put them in my company accounts in order to respect the national laws. Therefore i pay all the taxes. Secondly, i am so honest that I put my winnings from casino’s in my company bank account to pay the taxes to the government. That being said, you think the phrase Adrian Buzan Scammer it’s true? I was interested in what it means to be affiliated with casinos. Look what they answered me: Adrian Buzan scammer - email captureI heard that some people on the internet are calling me a swindler. Recently i saw a video on youtube and some guy said that Adrian Buzan is a scammer. I reported that video to youtube administration. As a result, they answered me that the reported user is a casino manager and is protecting his business. That’s why he said i’m a fraud. In other words, that youtube user is protecting the casinos.

Fake People Selling Stuff on The Internet

Guys, if you want to trust somebody and buy something from him just ask to show his face. Ask him to give you his real identity. Without a real name and identity you can’t buy something from the internet. Because you risk to be deceived. Let me ask you a question: why some guys aren’t showing their faces on the internet? If they are legit why they are hiding themselves? Why they write Adrian Buzan scammer when they are hiding themselves like cowards? To clarify that, i tell you the main reason: they are saying negative things about me not because Adrian Buzan is a scammer but because they have nothing to prove. And guess what? Now I heard they are casino managers. How about that?

Adrian Buzan scammer – say casino managers

Guys, i made until now 50.000 euros on several casinos, playing at roulette.
So, let me tell you something you don’t know: 
if you withdraw money from a casino, the manager of that casino will lose money. 
Why? because he is affiliated with casinos.
Certainly, when casinos are winning money, managers of casinos also win money.
But when casinos lose money, then managers of casinos lose their commissions.
For example, when you win 50.000 pounds on roulette, they lose 50.000 pounds. 
As a result, they are very angry because of that.
Adrian Buzan scammer - roulette winningThis is the reason why they hate me. That’s why they say Adrian Buzan is a scam. In short, if I am here on the internet for 9 years, how can they say Adrian Buzan scammer? In other words, they know i have the secret to beat roulette. But casinos managers don’t want you to know that i have the secret to win on roulette. And that’s because when you buy something from me and play with my secrets, you make a big hole on their budgets.

How Casino Managers Recover Their Losses?

So, when casino managers are losing their commissions, they have to win from somebody else. They strive one year, maybe more to promote casinos and then i and my students withdraw 50.000 pounds. Consequently, the casino managers are desperate. They lose their commissions. They have to recover their losses and only after that they start to win commissions again. But in order to achieve this goal, people must lose at roulette every time. And that’s not fair for us. So, thinking like that, can you think Adrian Buzan is a scammer? Or these people are scammers? Think about that. Adrian Buzan scammer - winning roulette My students don’t hate me, because they are making money and eventually they become my friends. Similarly, sometimes even my enemies become my friends. I know how to do that. I have testimonials from my students and they are very satisfied with my products. So, my students are winning a lot of money at roulette because they listen to my advises. Most importantly, i keep in touch with my students. So i explain to them what to do at roulette, in order to clarify all their doubts. Therefore, how can somebody say that Adrian Buzan is a scammer? Watch my students testimonials here:

How Can Casino Managers Handle with Winners?

The affiliates with bad casinos are making money because they don’t pay the earnings to the customers. But i know what to do and how to make them pay the earnings. Thus, when you become my student i will teach you everything you must know about casinos and roulette. Then you will not have a problem to make money on roulette. Your problem will be from which casinos to withdraw your money. And i will teach you everything you must know to succeed. Therefore, how can someone who becomes my student say Adrian Buzan scammer? You will not hear such a thing from my students. Look how they win money: Adrian Buzan scammer - winning roulette

Bad Casinos Will Disappear

You, casino managers are done! In few years i will close all bad casinos. I will make them lose their licenses. So only casinos that pay money to customers will remain. Only the honest casinos will survive. Don’t steal from people guys! Help people, you do a good thing. In conclusion, affiliate of casinos, who promote the negative things about roulette they are doing this with only one purpose: That of misleading people that is impossible to win at roulette. But this is a lie, and i am the real proof that roulette can be defeated. So, Adrian Buzan scammer is an unfounded statement. Meanwhile, look at me and my students! We are winners at this game.

You Can Beat Roulette by Yourself!

Yes, it’s true. But hear me that: You don’t have to buy anything from me. Just study roulette by yourself for a few years and learn how to beat it. Because it’s possible. In other words, you have an example in me, that you can win at roulette. For instance, i earn a lot of money monthly. So, i am clear proof that roulette can be defeated. Meanwhile, sacrifice yourself, work hard, invest your time and money in roulette and eventually, in some years, you will find the secret to beat it. Like i and my students do. When I was studying roulette, i had no one to learn from. It took me 5 years and 50.000 euros lost to learn. That is to say, roulette can be defeated by everyone smart enough to learn. So how can you make millions from a scam? How can somebody smart enough believes in phrase Adrian Buzan Scammer?

Proof that roulette can be defeated

A lot of my winning sessions on roulette are posted on youtube.
Most of them was deleted from my youtube accounts. 
That’s because some of my youtube channels were closed.
How to cheat live roulette sessions? 
Because every time someone wins in live roulette, they see themselves on the screen like winners.
It’s impossible to defraud such thing!
Now you know the reality and you can take a decision. Trust me or not, it’s your choice.
But remember, life gives you what you believe.

Article created by ADRIAN