How to Play Roulette ( Theory & Practice )

December 15, 2019 regrul

Why I Become A Roulette Teacher
Hi Players,

Greetings from Adrian Buzan (REGELE RULETEI).

Dvd-ul Anatomia Ruletei

About myself, I am a mathematician and physician. I was always thinking that, with Math and Physics everything is possible in this Universe, but I was wrong.

Let me brief you how did I start playing. My first visit to casino was an accident. One of my friend used to take me there on most of weekends to accompany him. Initially I was advising him not to play and guiding him all the times just to come out all of this, because I hate to see him losing daily his hard-earned money and the smoke from the cigarettes inside the casinos especially in Romania.

One Saturday he was playing poker and I was just standing near a roulette table nearby. A unknown guy like a rake suddenly jumped from his position and hugged me so tightly as he knows me from years. He was crying in happiness and hugging each member on the table. I don’t know how much he had won but it was a very big hand. That incident forced me to check what’s going on that table and what is the game of roulette.

After this incidence I start playing the roulette. Sometime win sometime loss. I start calculating the wheel with my mathematical and logical skill, watching ton’s of videos, roulette websites, tutorial on YouTube, books and other material. I start developing my own calculations and strategies.Even with extreme strategy and extreme mathematical patterns most of times you win but when it fails even for a single time, your all wining will become zero.

I played like two years. Worked hard 24 by 7 on roulette only but of no use. I had tried everything in my life. I met magicians who claim to be bring good luck and guaranteed win for you,software companies selling roulette computers, book publishing agencies, schools and so many other people online who claimed that they will help you in winning but all in vain. A few times few things works out for a short period but in long run winning is depending on your top wisdom, patience, a good bank roll and a master calculation only. After three years of harder ship I came to know few secrets about casino and I, found that theses secrets are laying actually inside the casino.

Yes, it sounds amazing but it’s true. Actually,all the casino’s are cheater. They have certain control on the wheel which makes it impossible to beat them even with extreme mathematical and logical skill. Most of you guy’s must have heard “the best way to win from a cheater is to cheat him”. To win in casino is likely to take a piece of meat back from a lion’s jaw. So I start playing with them by using a mental cheating system along with my mathematical calculations. So, I add one extra thing to my list and the results was amazing. I never ever lose again.

This is your “wisdom” to cheat on their cheating system.So, if you can manage these four factor you will never loss again in future.
1. A good Bankroll
2. Extreme patience
3. A powerful mathematical strategy with no limit or no cap on it.
4. Your intellectual wisdom to cheat the casino cheating system.

Now you must think why I should not play myself wasting my time here to share all this with you. Off course the answer is money but this I can earn myself by playing. But there is another reason to doing all this, I know the tension when I had loss my three-month’s salary and loss another two salaries to recover the last loss.

I am charging money to teach but if you compare this with those who had spoiled their whole lives and families and became beggar from millionaire, then this fee is nothing. So, I would like to help all those who had already loose big and want to recover their losses or those who have not started yet, must join our sessions before starting. You will see the results from very first day but we will advise you to start playing with real money after finishing the whole course.

Thanks & Best Regards,
Adrian Buzan (REGELE RULETEI) !