Regele Ruletei Scam

December 1, 2019 regrul
Recently i saw on the internet some rumors like Regele Ruletei scam. Therefore, i write this article to present the reality so you can understand who am i and what i am doing on the internet. To clarify from the beginning, don’t listen to negative people because they didn’t bought something from me. They are just haters! Those who are saying on the internet Adrian Buzan scam are envious people and most of them are affiliated with casinos.

Casino Managers say Regele Ruletei Is A Scam

Let me tell you something you probably don’t know: when someone wins in casinos someone else loses. In other words, casino affiliates are people who got in touch with casino managers and they signed a promotion agreement. So, based on this agreement, affiliates promotes different casinos and tries to convince people to register and play there. As a result, casino managers and casino affiliates win money. It’s obvious. For instance, look in the image below to see an email sent by casino managers when i contacted them, just for information, to ask further details about promoting casinos: Adrian Buzan scam - email captionBut, in this business there are three major disadvantages for players like you and me.

Why you shouldn’t register on casinos from affiliate links

Firstly, casino affiliates will show you inefficient roulette game strategies. They are doing this on different information channels such as: Youtube, Facebook, Websites, etc. In other words, they are trying to convince you that their strategies are working 100% and they are showing you false earnings. Then they suggest you to register on their affiliate casinos. But, most importantly is that they are hiding themselves behind false names. Above all, they are selling you products without revealing their true identity. And then, if you are deceived by their promises you can no longer find them to recover your money. Secondly, casino affiliates want you to lose money playing their strategies. Why they want this? Well, because their commissions are based on your losses. If you lose on roulette, they are winning money. In conclusion, their interest is for you to lose money. On the other hand, casino affiliates earns commissions from your losses. In the third line, when you lose money on roulette playing some dumb strategies you will get angry. Then, you will invest more money in casinos or in other “winning strategies” and you will lose more because you buy and play the same bad strategies on roulette. Consequently, you move in a vicious circle. And the only happy people are casino managers and affiliates of casinos.

The Reason For Saying Adrian Buzan Scam

The main reason some people on the internet are saying about me that i’m a scammer is they are unhappy with my winnings on roulette. In other words, casino managers know that I have the secret to win at roulette and they are very angry on me because of that. To clarify, commissions aren’t made when people are winning at roulette. Winners are bad luck for casinos. If some casino affiliated have the misfortune to encounter a player who signs up to a casino with his affiliate link then it’s a big problem. But only when that player knows how to win at roulette. That affiliate of the casino will lose his commissions forever. More than that, the affiliates will no longer receive commissions until someone else loses on roulette. And that might take a long time. In conclusion, someone who signs up on their affiliate link must lose at the casino, not somebody else. So you see that casino affiliates have a good reason to denigrate me and my stuff. They are posting videos on youtube or they are writing about me on forums, saying that Adrian Buzan is a scammer and people shouldn’t buy from me. However, their main concern is that they lose commissions because of me. In addition, they are losing money because also my students are winning on roulette every time they are playing. I win at roulette thousands of pounds every month and my students are winning at roulette a lot of money. Look here the online casino balance from one of my students: Adrian Buzan scam - winning rouletteAdrian Buzan scam - winning rouletteAdrian Buzan scam - winning roulette

The Reason Why Youtube Shuts Down My Channels

Recently i reported a video on youtube where somebody said Adrian Buzan scam, calling me a scammer. Youtube administration replied me that the youtube user i reported is a casino manager and he is protecting his business. So they can’t do anything to him. That’s not fair to me. Because that video unfairly defames me. In conclusion, my videos on youtube are reported by casino managers or casino affiliates. They do this because my method of winning on roulette makes them lose money and commissions. My DVD Anatomy of Roulette is their main concern because my secret to defeat roulette threatens their business. More than that, i have 200 students until now who bought my secret and they are winning on roulette every single time. They make big holes on casinos budgets.

Adrian Buzan scam – Not Said By My Students

What is most important is that all my students are my friends. Similarly, when you buy something from me you become my friend. I will give you further assistance to understand better my strategies to beat roulette. So, none of my students are saying that Adrian Buzan is a scammer. In conclusion, they are happy and they are making thousands of euros every month. Even if my secret to winning the roulette costs 5000 euros you will be satisfied. Above all, whenever you need help i will assist you. Then, you will understand everything you must know and you will play alone on roulette all your life. So, how can someone of my students say that Adrian Buzan is scam? One Proof That Adrian Buzan Is Not A Scam Look at the video below and tell me if you think these money aren’t real: I show you here some thousands of pounds and those of you who lives in England you can recognize this money. You can see clearly their seal because i recorded this in 4K. I withdrew this money from one casino. Every month i withdraw money like that from casinos. So, with my secret to win at roulette i beat this game every time. Likewise, I have been earning on roulette for 15 years. I win every session on roulette. You can see how i make money on roulette here. Besides this, all my students are winning on roulette with the help of my secret. They are satisfied and you can see their testimonials here: No one has a reason to defame me other than casino managers and casino affiliates. And i told you above why is that.

You Don’t Have To Buy From Me

Whether you buy from me or not, you can win at roulette by yourself. For example, I studied several years how to beat roulette and i lost a lot of money on this path. But now i discovered the secret to win at roulette and i made a fortune out of the roulette earnings. So Adrian Buzan scam is not a legitimate statement. In conclusion, you don’t have to buy this secret from me. You can study the roulette by yourself and eventually maybe you will find a way to beat it. Meanwhile, if you are persistent enough and ambitious you will succeed in winning at roulette. But it will take you a few years. However, with my help you can achieve this goal immediately. You can have your dream life. You just have to trust me. In addition, to earn your trust you can see me in hundreds of videos on youtube. More than that you can see on my websites testimonials from my students and their winning sessions on roulette. It’s possible my friends. So Adrian Buzan scam is not a real statement. Trust me on that!
Article created by ADRIAN.