Who is Adrian Buzan

December 1, 2019 regrul
Many of those who search on the internet for articles on „how to beat roulette” find out about my name and they wonder “who is Adrian Buzan.” However, there are some people on the internet spreading negative rumors about me and saying that I mislead people. To clarify, they are advertising me negatively on the internet because they don’t like what I have: the most powerful secret to win at roulette. So I will tell you below why they are envious on me. In particular, those who are angry about me are the casino managers and the casino affiliates. This is because I win roulette every time. And they don’t like it. Therefore, I created this article to answer the big question “who is Adrian Buzan?” Read also about regele ruletei scam

Adrian Buzan – Regele Ruletei Scam?

Some envious people refer to my name as a scammer and they say “Adrian Buzan sells a product that is not effective”. Above all, you should know that they do this even though they didn’t buy anything from me and they are not my students. However, my product is not for everyone. The price I ask is not accessible for everyone. But I know what I have! I know that my secret will change your life financially, forever. I tell you that my students don’t say about me regele ruletei scam because they are satisfied customers. In addition, I helped them to defeat roulette. That is to say, I have been assisting my students for a long time and I have answered all their additional questions. Currently, my students are earning significant amounts of money and they are very satisfied. Regele ruletei scam is an assertion made by two categories of people: casino affiliates and casino managers. Each of them has their own interests and my products threaten their businesses as it causes them to lose money. As long as I and my students win on the roulette, they lose commissions and casino profits are declining. In conclusion, they are trying to convince you that my roulette secret is a scam. This is the reason they are saying regele ruletei scam. In reality, things are not like that, and my 15 years of professional roulette experience and the testimonies of my 200 students are very relevant. In this regard, see a demonstration video here:

Who Are Casino Affiliates?

One of the existing businesses in the online environment is affiliation to promote different products. Therefore, to win as many customers as possible, the casinos have launched their own affiliate program that attracts players. Thus, those who want to earn money online sign up for these programs and become affiliates of casinos. They sign up collaboration agreements with casinos and they receive access to sponsored links. The mission of casino affiliates is to convince the world to register on the casinos to which they are affiliated, by accessing the affiliate links provided by them. In this regard, casino affiliates promote these links through different methods. One of these methods is by creating video or written content on different social channels, promoting dumb strategies. In conclusion, they promote different roulette game strategies and they mislead people through different manipulation methods. Most of them promotes inefficient gambling strategies and attracts people to sign up for the casinos they are affiliated with.

The Trap Where Players Fall At Casinos

Those who write on the internet Adrian Buzan scam are not my students. They are people interested for the world to always lose money in casinos. These individuals will tell you two things: either that you cannot win on roulette or that by applying their free strategies you will win on roulette every time. Neither of these statements is true. What you don’t know is that when someone signs up for a casino through an affiliate link, they seal their fate from the very beginning. And this happens because of two main reasons: Firstly, when you are convinced to join a casino through an article that promotes a certain infallible strategy, you will be curious to try it over and over again. By doing this, you will win a few hands and then you will lose permanently. That’s because the strategies presented for free on the internet just don’t work. Secondly, casino affiliates can only gain from player losses. That’s because for every loss recorded by a player who has signed up from his link, that casino affiliate will receive commissions of 30 per cent from the losses. Look at this email from casinos: regele ruletei scam - poză email In other words, the affiliates earns money from player losses. But what happens if a professional player joins the casino and earns money on roulette through the affiliate link? Well, read on to see the answer.

The Nightmare Of Casino Affiliates

When a casino affiliate has the misfortune to meet a professional player then he will no longer receive commissions. Why? Because if the roulette players win, then casino affiliates loses. It’s logic! Thus, all their promotional work is in vain and they fail to reach their target. In conclusion, seeing me on the internet making money on roulette and calling myself “the king of roulette”, they start to say on the forums regele ruletei scam. Out of desperation, casino affiliates are trying to denigrate me in front of my potential clients to convince them not to buy from me. In this regard, they post videos on the internet or write articles on forums saying that Adrian Buzan is a scammer. For example, some say they bought the secret from me and it doesn’t work. But you must understand that all these are desperate attempts by casino affiliates to save their business. In short, everyone of them will say that it is impossible to win at roulette but I am the best proof that you can win at roulette. Here’s why:

I Discovered The Secret To Win At Roulette

After dedicating more than 15 years to study the roulette, I managed to understand the error that it makes. Therefore, I’ve created the Dvd Anatomy of Roulette and is 100% efficient. After that, I used this discovery and i have made a lot of money on roulette. So currently I win 3000-4000 euros per session. Of course I angered the casino managers because I’m a bad market for them. They are not satisfied that I win on the roulette. Moreover, the casino managers are in collaboration with the casino affiliates and their main purpose is to win from losses of the players. Certainly, not only I win roulette every time, but my students do that as well. Below are some pictures from the casino account from one of my students: regele ruletei scam - poză câştig ruletă regele ruletei scam - poză câştig ruletă regele ruletei scam - poză câştig ruletă

My Students Are Making Money On Roulette

I want to inform that all my students are satisfied with what I have offered. With my help they have learned how to win roulette all their life. At the same time, my students became my friends because I assisted them for a while to understand better the secret of beating roulette. They know that these words the regele ruletei scam are false. I am denigrated by people who lose commissions because i win at roulette. On my websites I have dozens of testimonials from my students, in which they express their gratitude and satisfaction for what they have bought from me. Here is one of these testimonies below:

I Encourage You To Study Roulette By Yourself

I’m not asking you to buy the roulette secret from me. But I encourage you to study the roulette by yourself and find out how you can defeat it. You have me as an example that roulette can be defeated and this should give you more hope. When I started studying roulette I didn’t know it could be defeated. But I was aiming to win roulette every time. Below is a video showing you some additional information about roulette and casino affiliates. Once you watch it, you will understand why you find words like regele ruletei scam on the internet. Article created by ADRIAN.